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Welcome to the future of middle and high school education!

The Academy of Thought and Industry Hollywood Beach is a Montessori-inspired private middle and high school. We deliver a powerful education for independence to develop curious, self-motivated adolescents who thrive in school and in life.

ATI's middle and high school programs are unique: a deliberately planned and charted curriculum of foundational skills that open a greater and greater number of possible paths. Our students don’t just memorize—they understand, apply, and integrate knowledge to pursue their own passions.

Our New School
Location for 23/24!

Hollywood Beach ATI - New location

The Academy of Thought and Industry and Guidepost Montessori Hollywood Beach location is moving to a newly renovated space at 2216 Hollywood Blvd for the 23/24 school year! Hollywood Beach is one of the first Montessori schools in Florida to provide a complete Montessori learning program from 16 months to 18 years. Our new space allows us to double our capacity starting August 2023!

New features include: 

  • A science lab
  • A basketball court and soccer field for outdoor play
  • A new “maker space” with a 3D printer, electronics workshop, and CRICUT machine. 
  • Open-plan and flexible classroom spaces

Hollywood Beach ATI new location2

A curriculum designed around thinking and doing 

Academic Rigor for the Real World

We foster a love of learning

Intentionally Small Classes

Students are challenged and get the preparation they need to be successful in school and life. Our graduates go on to college, create their own companies, and become global citizens.

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and we help students discover their own love of learning and watch as it motivates them to expand their knowledge.

AT ATI, we choose to have small class sizes because we believe that is the best way to give students personalized attention that they need to grow and explore.

Learn by doing, not by lecturing


Small school communities, globally connected

Our Montessori-inspired learning pairs learning academic foundations with real life skill building.

Every ATI student is paired with a coach, who meets one-on-one to help define the student's values, set goals, take risks, and chart their own path.

ATI is a tight-knit community that is also connected to a global network, allowing students to learn from industry experts, take part in unique electives, find mentors, and connect with peers around the country and world.

What kind of student is a good fit for ATI Hollywood Beach? 

High-achieving students who are looking for an intellectually-challenging school

Homeschooled or virtual school students looking for more opportunities to socialize and excel

College-bound students looking to get into competitive institutions

Students who are looking for a supportive and accepting community

Gifted and Talented students looking for an alternative to public high school

Advanced students looking for a Montessori-inspired middle and high school

Why Students Love the Academy of Thought and Industry

Katherine, 13Learning in My Style

Jackson, 18Connecting to Industry Experts

Jasmin, 15Entrepreneurship Experience

"Instead of taking a (nerve-wracking) multiple choice test, I demonstrated my knowledge of the American Revolution through a play I wrote and performed."

"My Independent Study Coordinator landed me an internship with a licensed engineer. I'm getting valuable hands on experience in the industry I love."

"I fine-tuned my photography skills to break into the industry. My ATI coach helped me file and launch a now-profitable photography business."

Why parents love the Academy of Thought and Industry

Student Outcomes

ATI Hollywood Beach's ultimate goal is to create students who thrive: living happy, fulfilled, and productive lives. We work with each student to identify their own values, set specific goals, and learn how to achieve them. This process gives them a sense of accomplishment, and prepares them for a variety of paths in life.

Many of our students choose to pursue higher education, and to date we have a 100% placement rate for college-bound seniors. In addition to their coach and guides, students work with a full-time, licensed college counselor.

Here is where you will find some of our recent ATI graduates:

Monthly Tuition Rate 

Financial Aid

All families are welcome to apply for financial assistance as a part of the admissions process. Our application is open at all times with no deadlines or income cut-offs or guidelines.

Families enrolling multiple children at ATI Hollywood Beach and our sister school, Guidepost Montessori, will receive an automatic 10% sibling discount on the second child’s enrollment and each subsequent child enrolled.

ATI Hollywood Beach's tuition is paid 10 months a year. Includes 5 days per week, full days all-inclusive price. Pricing for the new year begins on September 1.

The ATI Hollywood Beach Monthly Tuition for the 22/23 school year:

Middle School - $1,970

High School - $2,020

The Academy of Thought and Industry is accredited by Cognia™ and WASC, the Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Phone: (954) 408-8925

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